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Graphic Design Freelance Jobs

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Build a Website

Posted October 25th 8:32am (4 hours ago) Budget: $2-$8 USD

Make a database to my homepage for ranking boardgames. Also ad a "728x 79" google addwords banner between each tenth game.  Read more.

Design a ring

Posted October 25th 8:32am (4 hours ago) Budget: $14-$30 NZD

Design a mens ring using our logo as a basis.  Read more.

Build a Website

Posted October 25th 8:32am (4 hours ago) Budget: $500-$1500 USD

I have 2 website projects, this is the 1st one. please find the below points and technical requirement document. 1- The designs are all ready from our side. 2- The website should be in 2 languages (Arabic,English)...  Read more.

Minor Tweaks Requred

Posted October 25th 8:31am (4 hours ago) Budget: $ for it . (Budget: $10-$30 USD

I need Very Minor Changing . Description Attached . these are very minor . can tweaks can be done in maximum 10 min . i can pay 10$ for it .  Read more.

I need some Graphic Design

Posted October 25th 8:30am (4 hours ago) Budget: $10-$30 USD

We are looking to get a graphic designer to work on a 2-page sales brochure for our company Asli Goli. You will be provided with a 2-slide powerpoint document with most of the images and content. We need someone creative and willing to work over the weekend to get this done...  Read more.

Illustrate A Ring

Posted October 25th 8:30am (4 hours ago) Budget: $12-$30 SGD

I have a picture of a ring that I urgently need to get illustrations from it's top view and 2 side views.  Read more.

Pink Coconut Lombok

Posted October 25th 8:27am (4 hours ago) Budget: $30-$250 AUD

i am looking for an online store for my boutique that is easy for anyone in the world to use.  Read more.

Need A Theme.

Posted October 25th 2:45am (10 hours ago) Budget: $30-$250 USD

Any One Give Me AddAMag Theme For Wordpress ? If Any one can give me im very thankfull to him or her . THanks REgard Waiting for Your replies.  Read more.

Build a Website Clasified CMS Based website.

Posted October 25th 2:44am (10 hours ago) Budget: $250-$750 USD

Hi, I am looking for a developer who can make a fully CMS Based website in short time. (Please don't suggest me template, joomla and WordPress platform) Features required; - Advanced features same like other classified website...  Read more.

Build a Website Quickly

Posted October 25th 2:39am (10 hours ago) Budget: $100-$150 USD

Outline of project: Text to Web Application Users create an account online and register their cell number. After they create an account they can set up categories of whatever they want eg Tasks, Grocery List, Reminders, Favorite Songs, Notes etc etc...  Read more.

i wana learn how to build a website

Posted October 25th 2:35am (10 hours ago) Budget: $30-$250 USD

help me in learning building website  Read more.

Design a Flyer

Posted October 24th 4:59am Budget: View for details

We need a leaflet design for our pharma business, which can later be adapted to other creative units.  Read more.

Create a nice SE Website (October 24, 2014 04:45:26)

Posted October 24th 4:52am Budget: $10-$30 USD

Create a nice SE Website (October 24, 2014 04:45:26) Create a nice SE Website (October 24, 2014 04:45:26) Create a nice SE Website (October 24, 2014 04:45:26) Create a nice SE Website (October 24, 2014...  Read more.

Design a wall in shop

Posted October 23rd 5:30am Budget: $30-$100 USD

Need somebody to think "outside the box" I am decorating a shop. I need a creative designer to figure out how the background wall will look like in the shop. The icons in the logo are of a computer, ipad and mobile...  Read more.

Build a website

Posted October 23rd 5:29am Budget: $3000-$5000 USD

I need an online store designed and coded. CMS to be discussed.  Read more.

Design a Simple Webiste using Bootstrap

Posted October 23rd 5:28am Budget: $40-$60 USD


Blood donation to the needy

Posted October 23rd 5:26am Budget: View for details

Building a website with logins for volunteers of my foundation. Any one can post blood requirements. It will alert all the people living in that area by sending out a message. This is 1 one of the projects of this organization as of now...  Read more.

We require 5 x photoshopped images of ingredients and water

Posted October 23rd 5:26am Budget: $30-$250 USD

We require 5 images with a showing our product and a 'water drop' that holds the ingredient of each product. 1. Daily Serum: Water drop should include ingredients of Hyaluronic Acid (or Vitamins A C E) 2...  Read more.

Build a Website

Posted October 23rd 5:22am Budget: $750-$1500 USD

I have a PSD file with a mock up of a page for the website. Id like it integrated into a Wordpress Template. The PSD file has a different look to the website, i would like the wordpress template changed to fit the PSD style on all pages...  Read more.

Design a Banner

Posted October 23rd 5:22am Budget: View for details

-MMA/Boxing gear/ clothing -Sports supplements, Protein/ dietary pills etc. We would like to collaborate the logo into the Banner, We would also like it to relate with what were selling and have a POWERFUL impression on viewers...  Read more.

Build a Website design jquery

Posted October 21st 3:33am Budget: $30-$250 USD

I need someone that can make logo and design jquery website. Show me what you did only design jquery !!!!! Also need to be able to start today and we will talk  Read more.

Build a Website

Posted October 20th 5:20pm Budget: $50 USD

Am professional lady with full of expects which i can work from different angle and work so fast with quality outcome.  Read more.

CrateJoy – Edit Existing Template for Subscription Service

Posted October 20th 5:19pm Budget: $30-$250 USD

Greetings - I am currently utilizing the CrateJoy Subscription Service found at http://www.cratejoy.com. As part of their service they offer various stock templates. I need assistance in customizing the templates to be that of what I need...  Read more.

Image Cliiping

Posted October 20th 5:13pm Budget: $2-$8 USD

Removing background and add clipping path  Read more.

Website development in Toronto area

Posted October 20th 5:12pm Budget: $30-$250 USD

TORONTO BASED only. Need person to person discussion. Technical details: - 4 to 5 HTML pages with client-side design only, such as CSS and Javascript. - For scripting convenience, prefer all significant HTML elements to have comprehensive id/class names...  Read more.


Posted October 19th 9:17pm Budget: $1500-$3000 USD

I am looking for fully working finished onlinestorebuilder community similar to www.tictail.com  Read more.

Build Email Dispatch and delivery Website

Posted October 19th 9:15pm Budget: $60-$80 USD

Build and email dispatch, delivery tracking and feedback system  Read more.

I need some Graphic Design

Posted October 19th 9:14pm Budget: $10-$30 USD

I need a job  Read more.

Build a Website

Posted October 19th 9:13pm Budget: $10-$30 USD

i need to analyze a secondary school system and write a befitting system for the proposed system  Read more.

Design a Flyer

Posted October 19th 9:11pm Budget: $8-$15 USD

Looking for a new designer that can work on my flyer and product packaging. Please apply and show your portfolio.  Read more.